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Access to hundreds of hours of LSAT Video Lessons for $22 a month. Check out what we OFFER
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High Quality Low Cost LSAT Lessons


$22 a month and you get access to hundreds of hours of LSAT instruction.  Comprehensive VIDEO LESSONS will guide you through everything you need to know about the LSAT.

Breath of the LSAT Library


Bottom line there are more video solutions than you could ever need to ace this test.  Every logic games ever released and hundreds of logical reasoning questions (adding more daily).



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Hundreds of Hours of LSAT Video Lessons and LSAT Video Solutions

You are not a ninja and you are not "super cool" that you are taking this test.  In fact, I will operate under the assumption that if you have made your way to this website, a nerd alert siren is going off.  Cool and the LSAT do not mix.  "Ninja" and the ability to identify arguments is a "resolve the discrepancy" question that simply cannot be answered.  I am not Mr. Miyagi and you are not the Karate Kid.  I hope you are the type of person that is overly inquisitive, has a hard time not finishing peoples sentences, spends hours considering things that most people would not enjoy thinking about, and perhaps most importantly - is mildly socially awkward.

For lack of a better term the LSAT is a fricking nightmare and those that study the hardest win the day.  A disclaimer - before you embark on this journey make sure you really want to be a lawyer, because this test is just the beginning of the nightmare.

OK, ScenarioSolvers you have found the virtual lessons, central nervous system if you will.  To learn the secrets of this god forsaken test you need to purchase 10 New Actual LSAT PrepTests w/Comparative Reading.  All of our lessons will be coming from this book (LSAT PrepTest 52 - 61).  Your job is to listen to these videos and understand why things are wrong.  In the beginning it is more important to know WHY answer choices are wrong rather than being able to identify the correct answers.

The lessons are designed around becoming comfortable with different question types.  I want you to stick with the same question types in the beginning.  I have broken down the main question types and then distinguished the questions into subcategories.  While it might seem overwhelming in the beginning you, will find that all of these questions are interrelated.  Practice how to learn the question types and you will master them much more quickly than if you just start taking practice tests.


If you want more practice (which is strongly encouraged), purchase additional LSAT tests (The Next 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests: 29-38 can be found on Amazon or Craigslist for under $10) and download this PDF. You now have access to every different question type from every test that has ever been released.  Stick with working on question types.  I cannot stress enough (and some of the most difficult people to get to follow instructions are LSAT students) that you must stick with the question types.  Do not start mixing question types until you have a firm understanding of the function and solution strategy of each of the question types. Once you have gone through all of the question types you are ready to begin practicing LSAT tests.

You have access to hundreds of hours of video solutions.  All of the video solutions to LSAT logic games and several hundred LSAT logical reasoning solutions (with scores of questions being added on a weekly basis) are one click away.  Click on the PrepTest and click on the link to the question.  If I do not have a video of a specific question that troubles you shoot me an email and I will get it recorded as quickly as possible (i.e. 24 hours).  Your job is to figure this material out and be able to answer the questions.  Make sure that you are not using video answers as a crutch.  Get to work and figure everything out.

Do not worry about timing in the beginning.  Just keep practicing the question types and everything will fall into place.


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LSAT User Testimonials

Thank you for your help.

I enjoyed your website immensely. I wish I knew more people prepping for the LSAT so I could promote your site!

best videos

Convenient and cool.  Every game that I have is on the site.  Thanks again



Books are just not the way to learn.  A tutor is just too expensive.  This site is the perfect fit for cost and the video explanations.  There is not anything else on the market that offers this much information for the cost associated with the LSAT. 

tina W

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